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Elizabeth Sloas Work


Elizabeth Sloas (1999, United States) is a painter who works mainly in oil. Through her works, she seeks to amplify the voice of women. Her works create compositions and settings that are poetic in nature. Her paintings are classified as extremely romantic and dramatic as the intense lighting created throughout her pieces enhances the form of the figure. By referencing symbolism and art history, she creates work that alters the patriarchal narrative of classical stories and myths.  

Her works are an investigation into the representation of women throughout the ages, as well as highlighting the female voice. By applying poetic and often metaphorical symbolism, she creates dreamlike images in which fiction and reality can meet. The well-known tropes shift, giving light to the stories of the past and present. 

Her current series titled, Shakespeare’s Fallen Women explores the concept of fallen women as it relates to the female characters in Shakespeare’s tragedies. From the watery death of Ophelia to the terrible murder of Desdemona, Sloas seeks to explore the inner rage and emotions of these often neglected characters. By portraying them not as immoral or depraved, but as fallen soldiers in their own right.

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